david havrony is a creative director & artist studio based in tel-aviv, israel.

focusing on photography, film, editing, creative direction, product marketing management (PMM), digital + offline marketing, social media, content & scouting.

 graduated from the photography dep. at bezalel academy of arts & design, jerusalem, 2014.

commissioned work
 prints from rea prithouse

 prints from the studio

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2019 “Al Ghawar Real Estate
hosted by “hahanut” theatre and gallery in tel aviv. hamody gannam & david havrony
curated by idris

2018 secret guest @pererboy by 45/56 collective, pop-up gallery, jaffa

2018 beyond consciousness, cuckoosnest jaffa

2017 architecture and the everyday with naama roth, architect's house gallery, jaffa

2015 until we came, musrara gallery, jerusalem

2015 oops, hansen house, jerusalem

2015 tel-hai open photography museum

2014 space oddity,  kunstverein, nürnberg

2014 humanitarian pause. koresh gallery, jerusalem

2014 empty kingdom. graduation exhibition. bezalel academy for art and design, jerusalem

the print fair, rea print house, tel-aviv, 2018the print fair, rea print house, tel-aviv, 2017/ the print fair, rea print house, tel-aviv, 2016

press: sicky /kaltblut x aner 5777die zeitoysterkaltblutx rob/ kaltblut x hili arivicemilk and honey magazine/ telavivian/ cakebahiaobey zinex broken fingaz / people of printx broken fingaz telavivian (uganda bar diary)

tel-aviv museum of art

grants and scholarships 2017 rabinovich foundation grant for special projects in tel-aviv.

collections: privet collectiors in israel & abroad.

selected clients: boutique77/ zeit magazine/ die zeitbia force nycyosterstudio gimel 2moo&ar/ hili ari/ aner 5777ruby starstyle&stigma/ mirit weinstock/ +972 store tlv/ comme il faut/ tel-aviv museum of art/recon_incbudmasterxenberg/ home market tlv